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Initially Fearing Birth Mothers


As you research adoption, it’s normal to have some fear. Some of the fear could be in regards to something tangible, like the amount of money an adoption costs. Or you may be afraid of the entire adoption process because you don’t know yet what the necessary steps are. You could even have a strong fear of an adoption topic before having all the facts. An example of this would how prospective adoptive parents may be afraid of a potential relationship with a child’s birth mother.

At my recent Adoption Support Group meeting, this specific topic came up. One woman bravely admitted that she wished she could just get a baby and have the birth mother disappear from the picture. At first that sounds may sound surprising and a little cold-hearted. But at some point, didn’t most of us who pursued domestic adoption have this exact same thought?

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Ready for Some Risks? Then Adoption is for You.


So if you are going to adopt, are you ready to take some risks? Sure there are the obvious risks like selecting an agency or picking a country to adopt from. But what about the smaller risks which you may not be expecting? It’s impossible to be prepared for ever adoption situation which may arise as every adoption is unique. But it’s not a bad idea to reflect upon some possible scenarios where you may have to risk money, your heart or when you first meet your child.

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