Monthly Archives: September 2010

Online Adoption Resources

computerI recently began a job as Community Moderator for Adoptive Families Circle, which is the online community for Adoptive Families magazine. I am very excited to have this opportunity to help others in their adoption journey. Adoption is my favorite topic, and helping others who will or have adopted is my true passion. I thought I had plenty of enough knowledge to bring to the table in order to assist the online community. Wow, was I wrong.

There is much more adoption information out there in cyber land than I had imagined. My mind is overflowing with all the resources available to those researching adoption, those in the process or those who have adopted. When I was pursuing my adoptions, there wasn’t nearly this much information available and I was still overwhelmed. It’s no wonder the new people who attend my monthly adoption support group sometimes have no clue how to begin their adoption journey. It is very easy to be confused and intimidated by the abundance of online adoption information available.

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