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rbk-november-cover-1-1110-smnIn the news when you read about adoption, it’s usually the sad and horrific stories featured. Examples would include the rare cases where birth parents gain parental rights back to their child they had already placed for adoption, where stressed-out adoptive parents decide to beat and kill their difficult child, or when a couple was swindled out of thousands of dollars by a adoption lawyer. These are the stories which make prospective adoptive parents cringe because they know this is how their family and friends are learning about adoption.

Do you want to there to be a happy and informative adoption article in the news? Well, go pick up a November 2010 issue of Redbook magazine to see one. One the cover is Kathrine Heigl who recently adopted a daughter from South Korea. Her feature story is eye-opening and truthful about the process.

In addition to her story there is adoption information for women, including debunking adoption myths, which was collaborated by Kathleen Silber (a wonderful adoption author and advocate). There is also a sidebar article full of quotes and tips by adoptive parents for what to say and not say to adoptive parents. This may make a great cut-out section to send to a family member who seems to always say the wrong thing to you when talking about your adoption.

Lastly, there is an entire page of pictures of some adoptive families. The question asked of each adoptive mother was, “When did you ‘know’ that you were a mom?” I love this page, in particular, because my beautiful family is on that page (page 177!) above a quote by yours truly.

I am thrilled to be part of such an informative, lengthy feature about adoption. The fact that there is no extreme adoption story included is refreshing. This magazine covers only the facts and reality of normal adoptions. This is the article you’d want your family and friends to read if you are a prospective adoptive parent.

Thank you Redbook for presenting your readers a realistic and positive view of adoption.


Danielle I. Pennel

Three Yellow Roses

2 thoughts on “Positive Adoption Magazine Article

  1. Thank you for posting this–I am always telling our adoption story for this very reason: people need to bust the myth that adoption = horror. Best payoff was my 5 year old told the adoption story to her teacher this week. The teacher said that it was really beautiful and that Caitlyn was really proud! We should not feel like we need to “whisper” our stories.

  2. Thank you for this story!
    As a single mother awaiting adoption approval, I have joined several local forums and found that not much of the information I’m hearing from anywhere is very positive.
    I’ve just googled the story to read it and appreciate the positive inspiration that this article provided!
    Ali J

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