About “Three Yellow Roses”

You may be curious why I decided to create a website such as this one.  I truly feel that the process of adoption is an overwhelming one.  For most people, before they start researching adoption, they believe it’s easy to do.   Isn’t that why so many people say, “Just adopt!”

Unfortunately, when their research reveals that there are many paths to adopt, lots of paperwork, tons of materials to gather, possibly many large checks to write, and other daunting tasks, adoption can seem like it cannot be done.  I don’t feel like there are many resources out there from sources who are not pressuring you to adopt from them.  When you don’t know enough information to be confident in your inital decisions with adoption, you could easily go down a difficult path.

I hope this website can give some basic information to those entering adoption.  Some of the information I write about may seem very simple and basic but you may not have thought of it before.  I hope through my experience of adopting three times, attending an Adoption Support Group for two years, leading an Adoption Support Group for four years and being an Adoptive parent can help others along the confusing route of adoption.  I am not a Social Worker or assoicated with any agency.  I am just offering my personal experience which is what people seem to respond well to.

Just remember that adoption does have a 100% success rate – if you are willing to stick with it.  There may be difficult times, but in the end you will adopt YOUR child.  I hope this website gives you the hope and inspiration to do just that.

And why the title “Three Yellow Roses”?  Most people have heard of the folk song, “The Yellow Rose of Texas” which is an unofficial state song of Texas.  All three of my children were adopted from Texas.  So in my eyes they are my “Three Yellow Roses” from Texas.

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